luminous work

Image-maker. In poetry, sound art, theater, collage.

i make things from words.  things that intend towards light.  here is that round box from the attic.  inside, letters, photographs, unlabeled cassette tapes.  some embossed invitations to my imaginative parties, which are select and increasingly irregular.  like you, i grow old.  i keep my hands busy and my mind occupied.  if it would be better to hold something in your hands other than a machine send me a message and i will send you something real.

demi-gods in brooklyn

men here are all pigs.

cosmic dream radio, Episode 8

"When love is in excess, it brings a woman no honor, nor any worthiness."  Three demi-gods, now based in Brooklyn, share their personal experiences with men and failed relationship.

what on earth was I thinking?

I've loved Greek mythology since I was a tween.  It included a winged horse and a goddess, Athena, who was valued not for beauty but for wisdom.  She made things.  I also really liked the architecture.  Doric, Ionic, was important to me to choose a favorite style of column.  It said something about you, just like your earrings or your favorite band.

If you've ever been dumped by, exhausted with, or enraged by love, these poems are for you.

If you, too, are a mythology nerd, Circe and Andromeda may amuse you.

Circe "Men here are all pigs.  It's not my fault, exactly?"

Ariadne "He sailed off holding the loose end of my ball of string."

Medea "What is the fire pit without a fire, but a pile of ash?"


Jingles are translations of Euripides.  Medea's monologue contains lines paraphrased from Seneca as well as from Apollonius' Argonautica.  Maybe Ovid, too.  I forget what came from where.

Image collages a Gainsborough painting with a 1976 Serendipity Trench--both from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.



sing, woman, sing. deer crash through windows. hell hounds want to play. this crappy bar? you've been here before. nothing's changed.  let's turn this basement into a club. everyone's looking for someplace to go.