luminous work

Image-maker. In poetry, sound art, theater, collage.

i make things from words.  things that intend towards light.  here is that round box from the attic.  inside, letters, photographs, unlabeled cassette tapes.  some embossed invitations to my imaginative parties, which are select and increasingly irregular.  like you, i grow old.  i keep my hands busy and my mind occupied.  if it would be better to hold something in your hands other than a machine send me a message and i will send you something real.



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I am a poet, performer, gardener, and dream-chanteuse who dabbles with scissors and glue.  I grew up in rural Georgia but now live and work in New York City and the Delaware river valley region.

I regularly render strange poetry readings on my cosmic dream radio podcast.  My writing has been published in _The Open Page_, _How2_, _2RiverView_, _Fence_, _Adbusters_, has been seen in the NY Fringe Festival, at Bowery Poetry Club, Dixon Place, Little Theater, North American Cultural Laboratory, and the Looking Glass Theater among other places in New York, as well as in Vancouver, Atlanta, Ireland, and Athens, GA.  I was a finalist for the Jane Chambers Award for Feminist Performance Text, and received funding from the Axe-Houghton Foundation. 

I keep my favorite poetry and picture books, hand-made collages, and crystals in a Victorian What-Not.  I am the keeper of many flourishing plants.  Teatime happens every day.

 I have so much more coming.  Stay tuned.


My theater tradition is physical (SITI, Grotowski-esque) and vocal.  I studied for many years in the Roy Hart voice tradition with Jonathan Hart. This tradition imagines an un-gendered voice which functions as "the muscle of the soul".  It strives to uncover archetypes in the voice, and believes every human is capable of an 8 octave range.

These observations by Anne Carson in her essay “The Gender of Sound” name some of the particular challenges my work with my voice confronts:

“Putting a door on the female mouth has been an important project of patriarchal culture from antiquity to the present day. Its chief tactic is an ideological association of female sound with monstrosity, disorder, and death.

When it is not locked the mouth may gape open and let out unspeakable things. Greek myth, literature and cult show traces of cultural anxiety about such female ejaculation. For example, there is the story of Medusa who, when her head was cut off by Perseus, gave birth to a son and a flying horse through her neck. Or again that restless and loquacious nymph Echo, surely the most mobile female in Greek myth. When Sophokles calls her ‘the girl with no door on her mouth’ we might wonder which mouth he means.”

I want to unlock, throw open, unhinge the door to my mouth.

I have loved Greek mythology since I was a little girl.

Performance work has included a) A tea-party for voice and debris serving a long Wallace Stevens poem, b)surrealist cabaret with vibraphonist Matt Moran c)a powerpoint presentation about the abyss d)a short-story rampage through cubicle life counterpointed by suburban elegies with a film score by athens, ga’s guitar-driven Kenosha Kid e)a lecture with slides given by my imaginary friend f) a power-point presentation about the abyss crossing particle physics with Mark Rothko, f)a triptych called fear of very personal plays performed after home-made dessert in my house g)a video installation in which two projected actors inhabit two empty rooms with windows that look out on eachother h)plays for actors, poetry, monologues …and so forth. 

I also work as an actor in other people's theater. Those include work directed by Kristin Kosmas, Tannis Kowalchuk, Ker Wells, Johnny Klein, Katie Down, Peter Campbell, Pamela Turner, Sabina Maja Angel, and John Jahnke.

The most downloaded track on my soundcloud page is my performance of John Cage’s entire Lecture on Nothing, a piece which helped me smash an anima-ridden obeisance to abstract structure that was strangling me.

Many years ago I graduated summa cum laude with a B.A. in Mathematics from Agnes Scott College. I was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa.

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