luminous work

Image-maker. In poetry, sound art, theater, collage.

i make things from words.  things that intend towards light.  here is that round box from the attic.  inside, letters, photographs, unlabeled cassette tapes.  some embossed invitations to my imaginative parties, which are select and increasingly irregular.  like you, i grow old.  i keep my hands busy and my mind occupied.  if it would be better to hold something in your hands other than a machine send me a message and i will send you something real.

message to m13

it's getting hot here...

A message for the aliens from small-town planet earth.  With lame songs and barbecue sauce.

cosmic dream radio, Episode 1

M13 is a star cluster.  In the 1970's we (on earth) broadcast a message to it.  Time for an update all you aliens out there!  We're still here...burnt out and burning up. 

Part 1: HI. entangled with two unintended broadcasts (burn burn central & we're not responsible)

Part 2: burn burn central (the truth is, it's getting hot here.)


Part 4: pick me up tonight.

Part 5: cosmopolitan

related to this broadcast

This was made for Panoply Performance Lab in Brooklyn,  NY. 

what on earth was I thinking?

The original SETI broadcasts to M13.

Cosmos.  The first one.

Fossil Fuels.

I wish I'd had a garage band when I was a teenager.  I would have had a garage.  And a band.


sing, woman, sing. deer crash through windows. hell hounds want to play. this crappy bar? you've been here before. nothing's changed.  let's turn this basement into a club. everyone's looking for someplace to go.